Sunday, April 18

Show Me Emotion

Me and my friend Moses went to Miagao Church. I was inspired by this..
We had a lot of fun taking photos despite the heat.

Guess white vest
Striped top
Vintage pink intense pants
Brown keds champions

Sunday, March 7


It's my cousins birthday.
I ended up wearing this nice golden pants I bought last month. So in love with its style and texture.

Thursday, February 25

Sway Baby Sway

My vintage bleached jacket
Dress with pouch from Magarbo

Wednesday, February 24

Sunday, February 21

To the Met

My first day and first night in Bangkok. Mall hopping with my classmates until our feet bleed. Went to the Platinum the fashion mall and Siam Center.
These two malls killed our wallets! hahaha

Vintage bleached jacket
Gray dress
Levi's bag
Strappy Sandals from Thailand

Wednesday, February 3

Beautiful Ring

My new ring! I bought this last week for only 40 bucks. :)
It's the color of the year!

Tuesday, January 12

They Made Me Do It

Vintage dress
black blazer
black shoes